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Number Eight Mine(Nevada)

The Number Eight Mine in Nevada, located in Northern Nevada, is a now closed turquoise mine that has garnered a reputation for producing large quantities of top-grade turquoise. The turquoise found in this mine is highly sought after by many turquoise enthusiasts for its unique blue color with spider webbing and large pieces.

Due to the mine being closed, acquiring Number Eight Mine turquoise has become quite challenging, making it even more desirable to collectors and jewelry makers. The limited availability of this turquoise adds to its allure, as individuals are always on the lookout for exclusive and rare gemstones.

Within the Number Eight Mine (Nevada) product category, you will find a variety of turquoise products that showcase the beauty of this rare gemstone. The range includes different shapes, sizes, and cuts, allowing customers to choose the perfect piece for their desired jewelry creation.

For those looking for large focal pieces, options such as the #8 Mine Turquoise (Nevada) 40x42mm 55cts 8M40 or the #8 Mine Turquoise (Nevada) 38x24mm 40 cts 8M38 will capture attention with their remarkable size and quality.

If you prefer smaller, more delicate pieces, the Number Eight Turquoise Cabochon sets offer a range of sizes and shapes to choose from. Whether you prefer a round shape like the Number Eight Turquoise Cabochon 20mm Rd 8a or a slightly elongated shape like the Number Eight Turquoise Cabochon 23mm Rd 8b, there is something for everyone in this collection.

Each piece within this category is crafted with care to highlight the unique characteristics of Number Eight Mine turquoise. The vivid blue hues and intricate spider webbing patterns are showcased, ensuring that each piece tells a story of the mine's rich history and the beauty of this rare gemstone.

Whether you're a collector, jewelry maker, or simply someone who appreciates the beauty of turquoise, the Number Eight Mine (Nevada) category offers an exclusive selection of top-grade turquoise that is sure to captivate and inspire.