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Sonoran Green Turquoise

sonoran green turquoise,green turquoise beads

The Sonoran Green Turquoise category features a stunning selection of turquoise gemstones sourced from the Elisha Mine near Cananea, Sonora, Mexico. Known for its vibrant green hue and unique patterns, Sonoran Green Turquoise is highly sought after by jewelry designers and gemstone enthusiasts alike.

Within this category, you will find a variety of Sonoran Green Turquoise products, each carefully crafted to showcase the beauty of this exquisite gemstone. One such product is the Sonoran Green Turquoise Peanut Shape, which features peanut-shaped beads that can be used in a variety of jewelry designs. Additionally, the Sonoran Green Turquoise Nuggets in both 7X9mm  and 16x22mm  sizes offer a natural and organic touch to any jewelry piece.

For those looking to create a statement piece, the Sonoran Green Turquoise Mexico 6-12mm Graduated Rondells provide a beautiful range of sizes that can be strung together to form a stunning necklace or bracelet. Alternatively, the Sonoran Green Turquoise Mexico 10mm Rounds , 8mm Rounds , and 6mm Rounds offer versatile options for creating elegant jewelry pieces.

If you prefer a more unique shape, the Sonoran Green Turquoise Peanut Shape  and various rondell options provide interesting alternatives to traditional bead shapes. Smaller roundscan be used for delicate and intricate designs, while the larger rounds add a bold touch to any jewelry creation.

No matter your preference, the Sonoran Green Turquoise category offers a wide range of options to suit every style and design. Whether you are a professional jeweler or a hobbyist, these high-quality gemstones will undoubtedly enhance your creations and make a statement. Explore the beauty of Sonoran Green Turquoise and let your creativity shine.