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Ivoryite ( Arizona)

Introducing Ivoryite (Arizona), a collection of fine-grained Magnesite sourced from the Northern region of Arizona. This exquisite category offers a range of products including beads, cabochons, and inlay pieces, making it perfect for various jewelry-making projects and creative endeavors.

The Ivoryite (Arizona) collection is known for its exceptional quality and unique characteristics. The smooth, fine-grained texture of the Magnesite creates a luxurious feel, adding an elegant touch to any design. Its ivory color with subtle variations lends a timeless charm, making it versatile and suitable for both contemporary and classic styles.

One of the highlights of this category is the Ivoryite (Arizona) 10mm Rondells (IV10). These round-shaped beads are meticulously crafted to showcase the beautiful natural patterns of the Magnesite, adding depth and intrigue to your creations. Similarly, the Ivoryite (Arizona) 6mm Rds (IV6) offers a smaller size option, perfect for delicate designs or intricate detailing.

For those looking to incorporate barrel-shaped beads, the Ivoryite (Arizona) 6x8mm Barrels (IVB) and Ivoryite (Arizona) 8x10mm Barrels (IVB1) are ideal choices. These handcrafted beads feature the same elegant characteristics, allowing you to add a touch of sophistication to your jewelry pieces.

In addition to beads, the Ivoryite (Arizona) collection also offers a selection of stunning cabochons and ovals. The Ivoryite (Arizona) 15x20 Ovals (IVO and IVO1) present a larger size option, perfect for statement pieces. For those looking for a more unique shape, the Ivoryite (Arizona) 15x20 Puff Ovals (IVOP) captures attention with its soft, rounded edges.

Whether you are a jewelry designer, a hobbyist, or simply looking to add a touch of elegance to your creations, the Ivoryite (Arizona) collection offers a wide range of options. Incorporate these fine-grained Magnesite pieces into your designs and let their timeless charm and exceptional quality speak for itself. Explore the Ivoryite (Arizona) 6x8mm Barrels (IVB1a) or Ivoryite (Arizona) 8x10mm Barrels (IVB1b) for even more design possibilities. With the Ivoryite (Arizona) 6mm Rds (IV6a), you have the option to create smaller, intricate designs while maintaining the beauty of the Magnesite.

Intrigue and inspire with the Ivoryite (Arizona) collection - a true testament to the craftsmanship and natural beauty of Northern Arizona's Magnesite.