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Sleeping Beauty Mine(Globe,Az)

The Sleeping Beauty Mine in Globe, AZ is renowned for producing some of the finest turquoise gemstones in the world. This category showcases a wide range of products featuring cabochon sets made from the exquisite Sleeping Beauty turquoise.

Cabochons are polished gemstones with a rounded or domed top and a flat back, making them perfect for use in jewelry settings. The Sleeping Beauty cabochon sets in this category come in various shapes and sizes, allowing you to create stunning pieces of jewelry with a consistent aesthetic.

One of the featured products is the Sleeping Beauty Cabochon Set - 6 pcs - 5x10mm - SB8D. This set includes six cabochons with a size of 5x10mm, allowing for versatility in your designs. The turquoise from the Sleeping Beauty Mine is characterized by its intense blue color and lack of matrix, making it highly sought after by jewelry makers and collectors.

Another popular option is the Natural Sleeping Beauty Cabochon Set - 11 pcs - approx 10x20mm NSB4. This set features eleven larger cabochons with a size of approximately 10x20mm, ideal for statement pieces or more intricate designs. The natural variations in the turquoise give each stone a unique and organic beauty.

Whether you are a professional jewelry designer or a hobbyist, the Sleeping Beauty Cabochon Sets offer endless possibilities for creating one-of-a-kind pieces. The consistent quality of the Sleeping Beauty turquoise ensures that your creations will be of the highest standard.

In addition to their aesthetic appeal, Sleeping Beauty cabochons hold cultural and historical significance. The turquoise from the Sleeping Beauty Mine has been prized by Native American tribes for centuries, with its vibrant color symbolizing protection, strength, and good fortune. By incorporating Sleeping Beauty cabochons into your jewelry designs, you are not only creating beautiful pieces but also honoring a rich tradition.

Browse through our collection of Sleeping Beauty Cabochon Sets and discover the timeless beauty and allure of this exceptional gemstone. Elevate your jewelry creations with the iconic blue of Sleeping Beauty turquoise and create pieces that will be cherished for generations.