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The Rondells category offers a stunning selection of beautiful and versatile gemstone beads. These rondells are meticulously crafted to showcase the natural beauty of Sleeping Beauty Turquoise, making them the perfect choice for any jewelry project or collection.

Sleeping Beauty Natural - 6mm Rondell is a captivating bead that features a vibrant turquoise hue with a smooth, polished surface. Its 6mm size makes it ideal for a variety of jewelry designs, from delicate bracelets to statement necklaces.

For those who prefer a slightly larger bead, the Sleeping Beauty Natural - 8mm Rondell  offers the perfect option. Its larger size allows for a more impactful presence in any jewelry design.

In addition to the round-shaped beads, the Rondells category also includes oval-shaped options. The Sleeping Beauty - 7x9mm Oval is an elegant choice with its elongated shape and striking turquoise color. The variation adds a unique twist with its slightly different color pattern.

If you're looking for more petite beads, the Sleeping Beauty Natural - 4mm Rondell SBN4a and Sleeping Beauty - 3mm Rondell offer delicate options that are perfect for adding a subtle touch of turquoise to any design. The variations add further versatility to the collection.

For those seeking larger focal beads, the Natural Sleeping Beauty -10x14mm Oval  and Sleeping Beauty- 8X12mm Oval are stunning choices. These ovals feature the same captivating turquoise color as the rondells but in a larger, eye-catching size.

The Rondells category goes beyond traditional turquoise beads by offering options with unique patterns and variations. The Sleeping Beauty Turquoise - 8X12mm Oval showcase some of the distinct characteristics of this highly sought-after gemstone.

With its wide range of sizes and styles, the Rondells category is the perfect destination for anyone looking to incorporate Sleeping Beauty Turquoise into their jewelry designs. These beads are perfect for both experienced jewelry artisans and beginners alike, allowing for limitless creativity and endless possibilities.