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Amazonite,Amazonite beads, Peruvian Amazonite
Amazonite, originating from Peru, is a captivating gemstone that exudes a serene and tranquil aura. Its mesmerizing feldspar blue color, ranging from translucent to opaque, makes it an enchanting addition to any jewelry collection. Named after the lush green Amazon Rainforest, this stone is often referred to as the "stone of hope and calmness."

This gemstone possesses a powerful energy that aids in promoting calmness and reducing worries. It is believed to help individuals find inner peace, balance, and clarity in their lives. With its soothing vibrations, amazonite is highly sought after for its ability to relieve stress and calm the mind. Its gentle energy supports emotional healing, encouraging one to let go of negative emotions and past traumas, and embrace a sense of well-being.

Amazonite can be found in various parts of the world, including the USA, Russia, Africa, and Australia. However, the selection available on our website specifically hails from the majestic landscapes of Peru. We take pride in offering you the finest quality amazonite gemstones, handpicked from this region renowned for its exceptional mineral wealth.

Within our vast collection, you will find a range of amazonite products, including round beads in various sizes. The Amazonite(Peru) 8mm Rounds AM8, Amazonite(Peru) Natural Color 4mm Rounds AM4a, and Amazonite(Peru) 10mm Rounds AMGc are just a few examples of the extraordinary pieces you will discover. Each bead showcases the unique charm and allure of amazonite, enchanting anyone who beholds its beauty.

Whether you are a jewelry designer, collector, or simply appreciate the captivating allure of gemstones, our amazonite collection is sure to captivate your imagination. Embrace the soothing energy of this stone, infuse tranquility into your life, and adorn yourself with the calming presence of amazonite from Peru. Explore our extensive selection and uncover the limitless possibilities of this extraordinary gemstone.