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Beads-Half Strands

beads half strands
The Beads-Half Strands category offers a wide variety of American stones, including Jasper-Agate and other types of stones, in convenient half strands of approximately 8 inches. These half strands are perfect for hobbyists, crafters, and jewelry makers who want to add a touch of elegance and uniqueness to their creations.

One of the products in this category is the Petrified Wood 13x20mm Ovals from Nevada, which showcases the natural beauty and rich colors of petrified wood from this region. Another option is the Amethyst Sage Gold 18x25mm from Oregon, which features beautiful shades of gold and purple, creating a stunning piece. The Petrified Palm Wood from Texas, measuring 10x18x25mm, offers a unique pattern and texture that is sure to make a statement in any design.

For those who prefer a more intricate pattern, the Turritella Agate from Wyoming, with its 10x5mm size, showcases fossilized marine life within the stone, creating a fascinating and eye-catching piece. The Petrified Wood from Arizona is another option, featuring its own unique colors and patterns.

The category also includes Desert Sand Jasper from Oregon in various forms, such as barrels, ovals, and discs, allowing for a wide range of design possibilities. The Rocky Butte Jasper from Oregon, measuring 18x25x10mm, offers a bold and distinctive look, while the Fiesta Jasper from Oregon comes in barrel and oval shapes, adding a touch of vibrancy and color to any piece. The Hidden Valley Jasper from Idaho is available in oval shapes, showcasing its own unique patterns and colors.

One of the distinct features of this category is the half strands, allowing customers to experiment with different combinations and designs without having to purchase a full strand. Whether you are a professional jewelry maker or a beginner looking to explore your creative side, the Beads-Half Strands category offers an array of high-quality American stones that will elevate your projects to the next level.