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Focal & Pendant Beads

The Focal & Pendant Beads category offers a wide range of assorted sizes and shapes to enhance your jewelry designs. These beads are perfect for adding a focal point or pendant element to your creations, allowing you to showcase your unique style and creativity.

One of the standout features of this category is the use of American jaspers and agates. These natural stones are renowned for their exceptional quality and stunning color variations, making them a popular choice among jewelry makers. Each bead has been meticulously side, top, or front drilled, ensuring easy and secure attachment to your designs.

Explore the collection and discover a variety of options to suit your specific needs. Whether you're looking for a statement piece or a delicate accent, the Focal & Pendant Beads category has something for everyone.

Some of the notable products in this category include the Sonoran Turquoise Nugget, a beautifully crafted bead with a hole for easy attachment. The Carrasite and Coprolite Focal Beads offer unique patterns and textures, adding an element of intrigue to your jewelry designs.

The Biggs Jasper beads are available in different shapes, such as hearts and standard rounds, providing versatility in your designs. With their rich earthy tones, these beads are perfect for creating nature-inspired pieces.

If you're looking for a more vibrant and eye-catching option, the Youngite beads are an excellent choice. Offering a range of bright colors and patterns, these beads will add a playful touch to your designs.

For those seeking a truly unique and distinctive focal bead, the Dinosaur Bone beads are a must-have. With their fossilized appearance, these beads will instantly captivate attention and add a touch of intrigue to your jewelry creations.

In conclusion, the Focal & Pendant Beads category is a treasure trove for jewelry makers, providing an extensive selection of beads in various sizes, shapes, and materials. From the natural beauty of American jaspers and agates to the fascinating allure of Dinosaur Bone, these beads will elevate your designs and allow your creativity to shine.