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Azurite-Malachite (Jerome,Az)

Azurite-Malachite (Jerome,Az) is a unique category of products that showcases the beautiful gemstones sourced specifically from Jerome, Arizona. This picturesque town has a rich history of mining, particularly copper deposits, making it an excellent source for these stunning gemstones.

The azurite found in Jerome, Arizona is of exceptional quality due to the abundance of copper, gold, silver, and other metals in the area. The United Verde Mine, established by William A. Clark, was responsible for extracting these valuable ores from the larger of the two deposits. Alongside it, the United Verde Extension (UVX Mine) owned by James Douglas Jr. depended on the other enormous deposit. This resulted in the discovery of some of the richest copper deposits ever found in the vicinity of Jerome.

Rincon Trading, a renowned mining company, has been instrumental in extracting azurite from three mining claims surrounding the State Mine Museum. With a lease from UVX in 1995, they have been able to provide gemstone enthusiasts with a wide range of azurite options from Jerome, Arizona.

In this category, you will find an exquisite selection of Azurite-Malachite (Jerome, Az) gemstones that are available in various sizes and cuts. Each product listed offers a unique blend of both azurite and malachite, creating a mesmerizing fusion of blue and green tones that is truly captivating.

Whether you are a passionate collector or a jewelry designer searching for a distinct gemstone to create a one-of-a-kind piece, these Azurite-Malachite (Jerome, Az) gemstones are sure to meet your expectations. From the AZJ2a to the AZJ10a, each product in this category is carefully selected to ensure quality and beauty.

Experience the beauty and uniqueness of Azurite-Malachite (Jerome, Az) gemstones sourced directly from the historic mining town of Jerome, Arizona. These gemstones will not only enhance your jewelry collection but also serve as a testament to the rich mining history of this remarkable location.