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Petrified Wood(Nevada)

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Category Description: Petrified Wood from Northern Nevada.

Discover the natural beauty of petrified wood from Northern Nevada with our exquisite collection. Petrified wood occurs when ancient trees are replaced by minerals over millions of years, resulting in a stunning fossilized material that captures the essence of nature's artwork. With a wide range of sizes and shapes, our petrified wood products offer unique and captivating pieces for any jewelry or decoration enthusiast.

Our Petrified Wood 13x20mm Ovals (Nevada) PWNO and Petrified Wood 11x8mm Barrels (Nevada) PWNB are perfect for creating statement necklaces and bracelets that showcase the intricate patterns and rich colors of this mesmerizing fossilized wood. The Petrified Wood 10mm Rondells (Nevada) PWRR and Petrified Wood 8mm Rounds (Nevada) PWNR1a provide versatile options for creating elegant and timeless jewelry pieces.

For those who prefer a more delicate touch, our Petrified Wood 6mm Rounds (Nevada) PWNR2 and Petrified Wood 6x8mm Barrels (Nevada) PWNB1 are ideal choices. These smaller-sized beads allow for creative designs that highlight the unique characteristics of petrified wood, adding a touch of natural beauty to any jewelry or craft project.

Bring a touch of enchantment to your designs with our Petrified Wood 13x18mm Ovals (Nevada) PWNO1a, which showcase larger pieces of petrified wood with distinctive patterns and textures. These ovals are perfect for creating stunning pendants or statement earrings that will surely capture attention.

To add a pop of color and variety to your creations, our Petrified Wood 10mm Rounds (Nevada) PWRR10a and Petrified Wood 6x8mm Barrels (Nevada) PWNB2 offer a vibrant and diverse selection. These beads will bring a unique element to your jewelry designs and allow you to create one-of-a-kind pieces that reflect your personal style.

With our extensive assortment of petrified wood products, you can incorporate the beauty of Northern Nevada's petrified wood into your designs with ease. Whether you are a jewelry designer seeking inspiration or a nature lover looking to own a piece of history, our collection offers something for everyone. Explore the captivating world of petrified wood today and experience the timeless allure of this natural treasure.