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Looking for fine cabochons? You should start with a search of our collection. Whether you need the high-grade Sleeping Beauty turquoise we stock or our other freeform gemstones, creating beautiful pieces will be a breeze. Take inspiration from our collection sourced from across the globe to make something new.

Our Cabochons category is filled with a wide selection of stunning gemstones that are perfect for jewelry making, crafts, and other artistic creations. We offer a variety of top-quality cabochons, each handpicked for its unique beauty and quality.

One of the standout products in this category is the Azurite-Malachite from Jerome, Arizona. This beautiful stone showcases a captivating mix of deep blue and vibrant green colors, creating a mesmerizing effect. It is perfect for creating eye-catching pendants or statement rings.

Another popular choice is the Mookaite from Australia. Known for its warm and earthy tones, this gemstone adds a natural and rustic touch to any design. With its versatile sizes and shapes, such as the 35x24 mm and 41x28 mm options, you will have plenty of choices to create one-of-a-kind pieces.

For those who love vibrant and bold colors, the Mustard Jasper from Indonesia is a must-have. With its rich yellow and brown hues, this gemstone exudes warmth and energy. Select from different sizes like 40x34 mm and 53x47 mm to create bold and striking jewelry pieces.

If you prefer a more subtle and elegant option, consider the Imperial Jasper from Mexico. The 28x28 mm and 42x24 mm options offer a delicate and refined look, perfect for sophisticated jewelry designs. Its soothing colors and intricate patterns make it a versatile gemstone suitable for all occasions.

Our collection also includes unique gemstones such as the Porcelain Jasper from Mexico and the Cherry Creek - Red River Jasper from China. With their distinctive colors and patterns, these gemstones will add a touch of artistic flair to your creations.

Don't miss our assortment of turquoise cabochons, including the #8 Mine Turquoise from Nevada and Turquoise from China. Known for their vivid blue colors and natural beauty, these gemstones are highly sought after by jewelry makers.

In summary, our Cabochons category offers a diverse range of high-quality gemstones sourced from various parts of the world. Whether you're a professional jeweler or a hobbyist, you'll find the perfect cabochon in our collection to bring your creative visions to life.