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Amethyst Sage(Oregon)

Amethyst Sage,Oregon,Amethyst Sage beads
Amethyst Sage (Oregon) is a category that showcases a wide variety of stunning gemstones from the state of Oregon. Known for their unique colors and natural formations, Amethyst Sage gemstones are highly sought after by gem enthusiasts and jewelry designers.

One of the most popular products within this category is the Amethyst Sage Gold Ovals (Oregon) ASP1. These exquisite gemstones feature a mesmerizing blend of purple and golden hues, creating a captivating visual appeal. With a smooth oval shape, these gemstones can be effortlessly incorporated into any jewelry design, from earrings to pendants.

For those looking for a larger size, the Amethyst Sage Gold Ovals 13x18mm (Oregon) ASP3 and ASP4 are perfect choices. With their generous dimensions, these gemstones can become the focal point of any piece of jewelry, showcasing the beauty and uniqueness of Amethyst Sage.

If you prefer a more contemporary look, the Amethyst Sage Purple Cubes (Oregon) offer a stunning alternative. The ASC series offers cubes in various sizes, ranging from 4mm to 9mm. These geometric gemstones can add a modern touch to any jewelry design, whether it's a bracelet, necklace, or a statement ring.

For those who appreciate the elegance of rounded gemstones, the Amethyst Sage Rounds (Oregon) collection provides a wide array of options. From the smaller 6mm rounds (AS6a, AS6b) to the larger 8mm rounds (AS8a, AS8b, AS8c), these gemstones offer a classic and timeless appeal. The rich purple color combined with the unique patterns make them a versatile choice for jewelry pieces.

Whether you are a jewelry designer looking for unique gemstones to incorporate into your creations or simply a gem enthusiast wanting to add another exceptional piece to your collection, the Amethyst Sage (Oregon) category has something for everyone. Explore the wide range of shapes, sizes, and colors available within this category and discover the beauty and allure of Amethyst Sage gemstones from Oregon.