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Fiesta Jasper (Oregon)

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Fiesta Jasper (Oregon) is a carefully curated collection of high-quality Red Jasper gemstones sourced from Oregon, USA. Each piece in this category has been meticulously handpicked to ensure the utmost beauty and authenticity. With a wide variety of shapes and sizes, these Fiesta Jasper gemstones offer endless possibilities for your jewelry creations.

The Fiesta Jasper (Oregon) 10mm Rounds (FJR) are perfect for adding a touch of elegance to your designs. These round gemstones feature a vibrant red color with beautiful patterns and markings that make each stone unique. Whether you're creating a simple bracelet or a statement necklace, these 10mm rounds will surely impress.

For those looking for a smaller size, the Fiesta Jasper (Oregon) 8mm Rondells (FJR2) are an excellent choice. These rondelle-shaped gemstones add a touch of sophistication to any jewelry piece. Use them as spacers or create stunning beaded designs that showcase the natural beauty of these gemstones.

If you're searching for a more unconventional shape, the Fiesta Jasper (Oregon) Barrels (FJB1a) are perfect for you. These barrel-shaped gemstones offer a unique twist to your jewelry designs. Their smooth surface and bold red color create a captivating look that is sure to grab attention.

For those looking for a slightly smaller barrel shape, the Fiesta Jasper (Oregon) 6x8mm Barrels (FJB1b) are a great choice. These gemstones make a statement with their distinct elongated shape, allowing you to create jewelry pieces that stand out from the crowd.

For a more eye-catching design, the Fiesta Jasper (Oregon) 18x25x8mm Puff Oval (FJO) gemstone is a must-have. This beautifully carved oval gemstone showcases the vibrant red hue and unique patterns of Fiesta Jasper. Create a stunning pendant or incorporate it into a statement ring, and let the beauty of this gemstone shine.

Complete your jewelry collection with the Fiesta Jasper (Oregon) 8x10mm Barrel (FJB2) gemstones. These barrel-shaped stones are slightly smaller than the FJB1a, but equally as striking. Their deep red color and smooth surface make them a versatile choice for any jewelry design.

In conclusion, Fiesta Jasper (Oregon) offers a wide range of high-quality gemstones that are perfect for jewelry making. With their vibrant red color and unique patterns, these gemstones are sure to elevate your designs to new heights. Whether you're a professional jeweler or a hobbyist, Fiesta Jasper (Oregon) is the perfect choice for adding a touch of elegance and sophistication to your creations.

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