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Blue-Green Obsidian(Oregon)

Blue-Green Obsidian (Oregon) is a mesmerizing product category that showcases the unique and enchanting beauty of natural gemstones. Known for its stunning blue-green hue, Blue-Green Obsidian from Oregon is a rare and sought-after gem that is treasured by gemstone enthusiasts and jewelry designers alike.

In this category, you will find an exquisite range of Blue-Green Obsidian stones, each possessing its own distinct charm and allure. From 10mm round beads to 25x18x10mm oval gemstones, these breathtaking pieces will captivate your imagination and ignite your creativity.

Crafted with great precision and care, the Blue-Green Obsidian (Oregon) 10mm Rds BGO beads are perfect for creating delicate and intricate jewelry pieces. Their smooth and glossy surface showcases the beautiful blue-green color and adds a touch of elegance to any design. For those looking for a more unique shape, the 6x8mm and 8x10mm barrel-shaped Blue-Green Obsidian (Oregon) beads provide a modern and sophisticated option. Their elongated form brings a stylish twist to your jewelry creations, creating a statement look that is truly one-of-a-kind.

For those seeking larger gemstones for more substantial and bold designs, the 20x15x10mm and 25x18x10mm oval Blue-Green Obsidian (Oregon) stones are the perfect choice. With their generous size and enchanting color, these beautiful gemstones can be transformed into captivating pendants, statement rings, or eye-catching earrings. The oval shape further enhances the stone's natural beauty and allows for a multitude of design possibilities.

Blue-Green Obsidian (Oregon) is sure to stun and inspire with its radiance and depth of color. Its ethereal blue-green hue is reminiscent of the mesmerizing beauty of the natural world, evoking feelings of tranquility and harmony. Whether you are a jewelry designer, a gemstone collector, or someone who simply appreciates the exquisite beauty of natural stones, this category offers a remarkable selection of Blue-Green Obsidian (Oregon) gemstones that will effortlessly elevate your unique creations.

Indulge in the extraordinary beauty of Blue-Green Obsidian (Oregon) and let your imagination soar as you explore the endless possibilities that these extraordinary gemstones have to offer. Immerse yourself in their captivating allure and create jewelry pieces that exude sophistication, elegance, and above all, your personal style.

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