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Heishi, also known as "shell bead," is a popular category of beads made from Sleeping Beauty Turquoise from Globe, Arizona. With the mine closed since 2012, the supply of rough material is limited, making these beads highly sought after by jewelry designers and collectors alike.

At our store, we pride ourselves in offering a good selection of both graduated and straight sizes of Heishi beads made from Sleeping Beauty Turquoise. From the classic 5mm size, we have the Natural Sleeping Beauty Heishi 5mm , as well as the Natural Sleeping Beauty Turquoise Heishi in a smaller 5x2mm size. For a slightly larger option, we offer the Natural Sleeping Beauty Heishi 5.5x2mm 

In addition to the straight sizes, we also have a variety of graduated options available. The Natural Sleeping Beauty Graduated Heishi 8-12mm offers a bold and eye-catching look, while the Natural Sleeping Beauty Graduated Heishi 5mm  provides a more delicate and refined style. For those looking for more variety, we have the Natural Sleeping Beauty Heishi Graduated, which ranges from 3mm to 5mm in size.

The natural color and unique webbing patterns of Sleeping Beauty Turquoise make these Heishi beads truly exceptional. They are perfect for creating stunning necklaces, bracelets, and earrings that showcase the beauty of this rare gemstone. Whether you are a professional jewelry designer or a hobbyist, our Heishi category presents a range of options to inspire your creativity and elevate your designs.

Please note that due to the limited supply of Sleeping Beauty Turquoise rough, our collection of Heishi beads may change periodically. We encourage you to check back regularly to explore our current offerings and find the perfect pieces to add to your jewelry creations. Shop our Heishi category today and experience the beauty of Sleeping Beauty Turquoise for yourself.