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Rincon Trading August Blog

Rincon Trading August Blog

Posted by Rincon Trading on 2nd Aug 2022

How To Identify Real Cabochons When Purchasing Jewelry Online?

Buying gemstones is equally exciting and fun for a woman. But you need to be very careful and keep many factors in mind. The size, pattern, color, and shape all matter lot when buying precious gemstones like cabochons.

So, let us mention some tricks that will help you differentiate between a cheap mass product and a high-quality cabochon.

Some Expert Tips On Quality Check When Buying Cabochons Jewelry!

Look at the color, pattern, and cut very preciously. All these factors help you choose the right piece when buying authentic jewelry.

Check The Color

The natural gemstones will have vibrant colors. Do not forget to consider that the miner pulls tens to hundreds of pounds of rough material out of the ground. And only a fraction of it reveals the actual color. So you have to be patient if you want to have it in your jewelry collection.

Take A Look At The Pattern!

The pattern of real cabochons would be pleasing! If you find a stone with a jumbled and muddy shape, grab it. Some designs are gratifying to the eye and catch people's attention instantly.

Look At Types Of Cuts

If you visit an online jewelry site, look precisely at the cuts of these gemstones. You will find it either lopsided in shape or awkwardly cut most times. Here, you can look for pleasing, symmetrical cuts. These are best for a jewelry design.

Look At The Polish

Low-quality cabs will have a bad polish. You can identify it by looking at the light reflections. If the borders of light reflections are diffuse, the polish is not up to the mark. A good polish will be mirrorlike or glasslike.

Perfectly polished cabs will reflect a sharp-edged light on their surface.